I grew up on a small farm in Southern Iowa.  Pappy had a '55 Chevy with a 6 banger and a 3 speed on the column.  I started reading Hot Rod, Popular Hot Rod and other car magazines purchased with my allowance money at the grocery store on our Saturday evening trips to town.

My first car was purchased at age 15 for the price of $250.00 Doesn't seem like much now, but it took a lot of mowing yards, shoveling snow and gathering eggs back then to save up $250.00. I still remember it well, a '58 Mercury 4 door with a big motor, a push button 2 speed automatic transmission, and a ton of chrome!  It left a trail of trany fluid everywhere it went.  Too young for a drivers license, I would sneak out of town with it and slide it around corners on gravel roads.  That was before the Dukes of Hazzard!

I graduated from Clarke Community High School in the summer of 1967, right in the middle of the American Muscle Car War Era, good cars and good music!  By then I had moved up to a 1965 Chevelle Super Sport, 327 and a 4 speed.  I went to Des Moines, found a job at Look Magazine where the Good Lord brought a young lady by the name of Patricia into my life.  We fell madly in love and were soon married.

After we got married, I started buying cars, fixing them up and reselling them.  The first one was a running-driving 1960 Corvette convertible we bought for $500.00.  Many cars later, it was "suggested" by the Iowa authorities that I should get a dealers license.  We did that and in 1978 "Country Cars" was launched.

After retiring from work for the Osceola Water Department for 30 years, we moved to beautiful Southern Missouri.  We soon got our Missouri Dealers License and decided to sell only muscle cars.  Our specialty is General Motors products from the '50's, '60's, and '70's but I occasionally buy a Ford or Mopar.  We have sold cars to folks all over the US and a few to our neighbors up North.

Where are we?

Marshfield, Missouri is located in Southern Missouri right on Interstate 44 approximately 20 miles Northeast of Springfield.  We are a 1 hour drive from Branson, 1 hour from The Lake of the Ozarks, both wonderful vacation areas!  Please stop by on your vacation.  We always love to meet old car folks, kick a tire, and share a car story.  No high pressure salesmen here.

Please note that all prices quoted on our website are subject to change without notice as cars are added to and worked on frequently.

Thanks for visiting our website and reading our little story.  Enjoy the car pictures and feel free to call and visit. See our ads in Wheeler Dealer


Mo-Country Cars
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